School Policy – Terms and Conditions 2022/23

Alan Foley Academy of Dance



  • There are 2 terms of 15 weeks. Term 1 is from September to January and Term 2 is from January to May.
  • All fees are due at the beginning of each term.
  • Students should arrive to class on time and in uniform (unless they are beginners in which case a grace period is allowed). Hair must always be in a bun and neat and tidy off the face.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to collect children promptly at the end of class – especially the younger ones.
  • The schools insurance policy covers students for the duration of the class only.
  • Parents/guardians should inform the teacher of any illness or injury before the class starts.
  • If students are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 they should not attend class.
  • Bullying and abuse of any description towards staff and students will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the school.
  • Timekeeping, discipline, uniform etiquette, and personal grooming is an essential part of the children’s training and must be adhered to at all times.
  • If your child decides not to return after paying for the trial class no further fees will be charged. However, if your child returns and is awarded a place in the school and pays in full but then decides to leave NO REFUNDS will be given. Fees are non-transferable but can be carried forward to the next term if you wish.